What makes UDA Property different?

The current property industry in Malaysia is more competitive than ever. Simply take a drive through any city street and you will find plenty of projects that are under construction. With so many developers trying to get their lion’s share of the market, it is now more important than ever to deliver better quality and sustainable projects.

Long-standing portfolio
UDA Property started out as one of the first property developers in Malaysia. This means that for nearly 50 years, UDA has been playing a pivotal role in the nation’s rapid urbanization. Through our developments, we have delivered projects that are wholly community-focused and sustainable. As the Malaysian social and economic landscape evolved, UDA has remained steadfast in our mission of delivering nation-building development.

UDA Property is primarily involved in developing new townships, residential housing, commercial properties, recreation facilities and industrial premises. Despite having faced increasing competition, we are committed to delivering best-value projects. Our properties are all delivered with a simple concept, to provide projects that have outstanding value, quality and functionality.

Integrity and trust
We aspire to deliver a long-standing relationship with homeowners and that relationship is built on trust and integrity. When homeowners decide to invest in a property with us, they are placing their trust upon us. In turn, it is our responsibility to deliver upon that promise. Unlike others who choose to maximize profit margins, we have always delivered projects that come with added value. Each development project is carefully planned to avoid any disruption and delays.

Community living
Being a community-conscious developer, UDA is heavily involved in developing thriving townships in Malaysia. Living in a home means that you get to be part of a community. Some of our landmark township developments include Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bandar Tun Hussein On, and Bandar Baru Bertam. These townships have flourished and are now booming with economic and social growth. This is all made possible through UDA’s contribution in delivering projects that are poised to be a legacy for the nation.

We believe in preserving the virtue of respect, which is ingrained within all of our development projects. Each of our projects is a commitment of quality for all homeowners. Our Legasi projects pay homage to the rich cultural history of significant locations. Legasi aspires to be a landmark that combines both modernity and heritage.

UDA has been a trusted name among homeowners for almost half a century. We aspire to continue fulfilling our promise of delivering quality, affordable and sustainable developments. For more information on our recent developments, click here!