UDA Holdings Campaign Encourages Property Ownership

30th, May 2022

UDA Holdings Bhd is focused on empowering sustainable lifestyles through efforts to increase property ownership among the community by organising a Meriah Raya property campaign. This initiative is also a platform to introduce the latest UDA products covering residential and commercial units in four regions, namely North (Penang), South (Johor), East (Pahang and Terengganu) and Central (Selangor and Kuala Lumpur). This Meriah Raya property campaign is a series of successes in the UDA 50 Golden Offers campaign which was introduced in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of UDA in 2020. Among the projects highlighted during the campaign were the Akasia Jubilee Residence, Kampong Bharu Legacy and 38 Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur; Crescent Dew and Wakaf Seetee Aisah two in Penang; Pisonia Ville phase two in Johor; Protector Heights phase three in Pahang; as well as Coast Kemaman and Sarai in Terengganu.


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