1 . What is the UDA 50 Golden Offers contest all about?
The UDA 50 Golden Offers contest gives ALL Malaysians and non-Malaysians a chance to win a Proton X50 (Grand Prize), Gold Bars (Second Prize), Motorcycles (Third Prize) and/or 39 various prizes (bi-monthly prizes).

2 .  When is the contest period?
The contest is from January 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.

3 . Am I eligible to join the UDA 50 Golden Offers contest?
Any customer who purchases a property directly from UDA Property along with a signed and completed Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) within the contest period is entitled to participate in the lucky draw.

4 . How do I join the UDA 50 Golden Offers contest?

    • In just three (3) easy steps, customers must:
    • Complete contest question shared by UDA Property’s sale agents upon SPA signage;
    • Complete the property-owning process of any property of UDA Property by signing SPA within campaign period; and
    • Finalise the number of entries based on purchase value.

5 . How many entries am I entitled to as an UDA Property purchaser?
Each contestant is entitled to one (1) entry to the lucky draw for every RM100,000.00 spent to purchase the property.

6 . Do I get a bonus as an existing UDA Property owner?
Yes. Any contestant who has made a prior purchase of a property and/or properties from UDA Property from 1st January 2020 until 31st December 2020 is entitled to receive a multiplier bonus of double entries to the lucky draw.

7 . How many draws will there be?

  • There will be four (4) bi-monthly draws across the month May, July, September and November 2021.
  • One (1) Grand Draw in November 2021.

8 . How many prizes are available to win?

  • First prize: Proton X50 (1x unit)
  • Second prize: Gold bar 50 grams (5x units)
  • Third prize: Yahama 15ZR Motorcycle (5x units)
  • Bi-monthly prizes (39x units)

9 . How many prizes am I entitled to win throughout the contest period?
Each winner is only entitled to win a maximum of two (2) prizes during the entire campaign period.

10 . How will I know if I am a winner?
The winners’ list will be announced/available in the following methods after 12pm during contest period: –

Winners will be notified via call or email to the registered contact details for verification. If we do not receive any feedback within five (5) working days, you will be disqualified, and we reserve the right to select the next potential winner.

11 . How are the winners selected?
Winners are selected through:

  • The correct answer to contest question.
  • The selection of winners will be done daily during the campaign period using a randomiser drawing method.

12 . Why do I have to fill in my name (as per NRIC) and contact number?
If your entry is a winning entry, we will be able to contact you via your mobile number and to be able to identify you. This is a one-time registration.

13 . What do I need to present when I collect my prize?
Gifts will be courier-mailed to the provided address within four (4) weeks of identity confirmation and authentication.